Frequently Asked Questions

Does the issue grants?

No; although we promote the development of learning games and serious games through online discussion, colloquia, and other means, is not a grant-making organization.

How do I get assistance with serious games research? How about research about a particular gamification project? focuses on providing access to gamification tools, lesson plans, current ethical issues and news, as well as serious games and learning games. For assistance with research or integration, although we will try to provide as much help, direction and/or information you seek, you may wish to inquire about reference services provided by your college library's specialized reference librarian services.

What are the learning games' system requirements?

The learning games downloads and links are currently available for:

 Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
 Mac OS X
 Ubuntu 7.10+
 OpenSUSE 10.3+
 Debian Etch